Alton was a Young, Black, Entrepreneur, Father & Baton Rouge Resident.
He did not deserve to have his life taken in this manner. Justice must be served!

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Rodney Major Jr.

If you check my track record you’ll see that I rarely make post of this sort. However, I can’t pass this up.I have many friends that are both black and white. I have always overlooked [...]

Leon Timbo

How can I feel ‪#‎heartbroken‬ and frustratingly angry yet and still look in my children’s eyes with the strength and soft love they deserve in every interaction. Driving 3 miles under the [...]

Collis Temple III

The last 36 hours since I was first made aware of what transpired between the BRPD and Alton Sterling has been challenging to say the least. I very rarely post on social media, but to not say [...]

Black Fathers Matter

On this morning I’m sad & a little shocked BC now it has hit home. In 2016, as a black man & father of 2 sons, I shouldn’t feel like we a target for the very ones who are [...]

Im Done…

I’m done… Here’s a hypothetical situation, man (of no race, just a male human) is subdued by multiple police officers, police pats down body and “believes” [...]